Another Late Night Advisory Kawfee Related PSA.

Don't wander into the kitchen in the dark and fill 2 mugs, one with red wine and one with black coffee.

Don't place the coffee one in the microwave for 2 minutes then remove it and place it next to the wine mug on the dark counter.

Don't open the fridge and grab the cream, then, in the dark, add it to what you thought was coffee.

Just don't. :|

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Calling all you MUCK hooligans!

Alright you Lot!
I don't know how many of you guys are into Role-Playing online, but I know at least some of you are so I thought I'd utilize the ominous power of LJ Journal Posting to let you guys know of a new MUCK I've been having a lot of fun on.
It's called After MUCK and it takes place in the Pacific Northwest about 80 years after humans have all vanished. The cities are crumbly, over-run now by plants and animals. The players play non-antho animals who talk, along the lines of The Lion King and Watership Down. (You TLK muckers will be very familiar with this concept! ;) The species played are predominantly native wildlife, but there are a few straggler exotics left over from when the zoos were emptied out, as well as dogs and cats and other domestics gone feral. So if you're bored or miss gallivanting around causing havoc on the MUCK please come join us, or at least pay us a visit!
Anyhow, without further ado, here's the website:
And the MUCK's address: http://www.aftermuck.net/
muck.aftermuck.net port: 1994
I play Spokane there, so do say hullo if you connect! :D
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Noble Beast

There's blood in the sky
Where there once was a fly
And I really begrudge
That fatal red smudge
Of that poor little guy
Who just had to die
On my pretty blue sky
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A stitch in time says 9th.

You know you work freelance when:

Your computer clock says it's May 9th and it's actually May 29th and it took you a week to realize you've been living 3 weeks in the past. ;]

EDIT: Or is it the 30th?
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I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

"Drink up," said the Tiger, "you've got three pints to get through."

"Three pints?" said the raven. "At lunchtime?"

"Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so."

"Why three pints all of a sudden?"

"Muscle relaxant, you'll need it."

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A Kawfee Tragedy

I ran off to a Starbucks
at 3 ante meridiem
to acquire myself some kawfee
For nocturnal evil schemes
I ordered many shots
in a drink with normally two
I said I wanted it quite big
The biggest that they do.
"We'll fix you up a vente"
(which is 'big' in Starbuckese)
"But since you only have a card"
"Your drink will be on me."
I nearly keeled right over
From the overwhelming YAY
Free vente capps at 3am?
It totally made my day
The registers were broken
or robbed or some such deal
I didn't really care
since my kawfee was a steal
I ventured home delighted
sipping at my awesome prize
but here's the part where things go bad
(feel free to advert eyes)
I'm not quite sure what happened,
I guess the planets that aligned
to bring my kawfee free of charge
must have changed their mind
for at that very moment
as I blissfully strolled on
my kawfee FLEW out of my hand
and fell in slow-motion
I watched in horror as it dropped
and neared it's fate ahead
it landed right on my poor dog
exploding on her head
Now I have no more kawfee
And my dog is sad and wet
To free kawfees that you get
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